Goal Achievers’ Mastermind

Welcome to the Goal Achievers’ Mastermind, an initiative of The Giving Tree in the direction of bringing together dreamers and transforming them into doers. No dream too big, no goal too high – when you are focused on your plan of achieving it. Each such group will meet regularly throughout the year to learn the simplest and most effective way to set, achieve and celebrate their life goals.

Duration – 12 months
Group size – 10 to 12 people
The mastermind group will meet once in 45 days for 2 hours.

Member benefits
· Access to like-minded people who aspire to live the life of their dreams
· Crafting your goals in 7 key areas of life using Goals Mantra
· Cut your goal setting and achievement time to half
· Guest speaker access once in 4 months
· Learn cutting edge techniques, tools and discussion on emerging trends for productivity, efficiency and time management.
· Knowledge sharing on one key topic every month
· Finding accountability partners within the group
· Supporting each other to set, achieve and celebrate their life goals
· Learn to live a balanced and stress free life
· Live life fully and guilt free!
· Be part of an active community of dreamers and doers.
· Exclusive videos, blogs and content made available through email to help you move forward

One full year of exclusive coaching, mentoring and support to achieve your goals. (Refreshment charges extra, based on venue)

If you miss a session, there will be a quick catch up on skype for an hour before the next session. Membership fees to be paid fully at the time of enrolment. Membership is non-transferable, non-refundable and will not be adjusted with any other mastermind group.

The idea is to weave a good bond with members of your group so you form a support system that nurtures your dreams and helps you craft an action plan to achieving those dreams.

Mail me at [email protected] if you’re interested!

To the life of your dreams,
Leena Munot
Entrepreneur I Trainer I Author