My Book of Goals

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If you are a person who has many dreams but feels lost and does not know how to set and achieve your life goals, or how to create a system that helps you achieve them, then this book is for you! The only one of its kind goal-setting book on this planet that comes complete with a step by step system of how to set, achieve and celebrate your life goals.

This 450-page journal comes packed with powerful information on goal setting, ground breaking research-based systems and techniques and a whole set of templated pages to help you set daily, weekly and monthly goals! You will fall in love with this book from the moment you get it!

Authored by Leena Munot, a Tedx speaker, entrepreneur, goal setting coach and speaker, this book has helped hundreds of people across the globe with their life goals and has created a deep impact and transformation. Invest in a copy for yourself or gift it to a loved one today! For more info visit