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3 most effective ways to save yourself from lack of motivation

by Leena on September 27, 2015 No comments

As someone who constantly likes to learn new techniques around goal setting, productivity and effectiveness I find myself reading some amazing articles and watching inspiring videos of productivity gurus like Robin Sharma, David Allen and Tony Robbins and so on. I think each one of us is on a journey to set and achieve goals in areas of our life that are important to us like personal growth, career, finance, health and the list goes on. And on this journey, while there are days we are all inspired and full of motivation and get things done, there are also some days, sometimes weeks where we lose our motivation.

Over some wine and cheese last evening I got chatting with my friend Amar and he said to me

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Leena3 most effective ways to save yourself from lack of motivation

Need motivation?

by Leena on August 1, 2015 No comments

Someone recently asked me, having goals and chasing them is all fine. But what do we do when we lack motivation and have low self-esteem? What do you do to regain the motivation needed to move on with your plans and pursue the life of your dreams?

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LeenaNeed motivation?