The Journey

For years I struggled through understanding the process of goal-setting and never believed in writing down my goals. Life was passing me by, month after month, year after year. Then, a few years ago, I found myself reading several self-help books in order to bring in more methods to my mad routine. Much as I felt that I had the potential to live a more happier and productive life, deep inside it felt like one big piece was always missing.

What is it that great achievers do that I don’t, and how is it that they seem to do so much more in a 24-hour day than I end up doing?

And so the journey of reading continued over the next few years and I started making notes, writing down my vision, focusing on what kind of a life I want and so on. Reading books and listening to audio tapes by Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins started to open up my mind to a whole new way of living that I could experience. Following leading blogs by leadership and goal setting gurus like Michael Hyatt only further reiterated the importance of writing down your goals to live a life of your dreams.

What’s more, I spent time listening to great speakers who brought to the table a set of skills that penetrated my mind and motivated me to get started on this journey.

So I started writing down my goals, reading them every day, working on myself just a little bit every day and soon, I experienced magic unraveling.

Although I am a huge dreamer, my logical mind had always put up resistance when it came to writing my goals. And honestly, despite reading many books, I didn’t really know how to articulate these goals effectively. How do I write them? What actions do I take each day towards achieving them? Which goals do I chase? How do I strike a good work life balance? How do I keep track of my progress? How do I wake up each morning and set myself up for a winning day? How do I install winning habits that will take me to a whole new level of achievement? How do I pick myself up when I feel like giving up? How do I bring myself back to action, when along the journey I get side tracked and lose the motivation to pursue my dream?

With all these questions buzzing in my head, I started my search for a complete system that supports not only the process of goal setting, but also provides a framework to help me craft a plan, a routine, set the right habits, track my progress, record my every day highs, big and small, celebrate a milestone and egg me on to live the life of my dreams.

While there is plenty of all of this available all over the internet and in the form of several books, I couldn’t find one that had all of these in one place as a system. Or like I to call it – a complete goal achievement kit.

And hence the journey of putting one together for myself began. A few months into this, I slowly started to feel that there may be many more people like myself who are facing the same challenges as I do, and that is when this project started to take a whole new shape in my mind. It encouraged me do a lot more reading, research, collecting data, analyzing different views, filtering the information and then connecting the dots in a meaningful way that would encapsulate the flavour of goal setting into being a simple, easy to follow and highly effective system.

I know what it is to live life without articulating your goals and become a part of living someone else’s plans. It’s like driving your car along someone else’s directions. And so, when I found a way to navigate my own journey, I was inspired to share my joy with you – yes, you – the owner of this book, to help you in your journey forward.

LeenaThe Journey